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IoT Cloud
Heike Ziegler

IoT: Getting started with cloud and modern IoT and IIoT from scratch

IoT and IIoT applications are special compared to other kinds of cloud applications as they have to deal with devices existing “outside” of data centers.

The following series of articles provide an end-to-end overview of what Microsoft Azure offers to handle some of the challenges involved in connecting an IoT Device with the Cloud.

By working through this series you will learn about the major concepts involved in getting your IoT/IIoT device connected to Microsoft Azure. In our examples we will feature Qt, Node.Js, Protobuf from Google and much more to get you started.

Jeremias Bosch

Awesome :-) The basysKom Toolbox

We would like to introduce our basysKom Toolbox to you. It is a state-of-the-art collection of best practices in agile management and software development and a valuable tool for every kickoff meeting.

Come and visit us on the Embedded World 2020 and take your own copy of the printed card deck with you!

Continuous Delivery
Jeremias Bosch

02 – Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration are related disciplines. Continuous Delivery is the ability to get changes to the users, safely and quickly in a sustainable way . A Continuous Delivery process achieves this by ensuring that code is always in a deployable state even when making changes on a daily basis.

Jeremias Bosch

09 – Proper automated builds

Builds that take a lot of manual work are highly error-prone. Make sure to have a good foundation for your project by implementing automated builds.

Jeremias Bosch

08 – Implement QML Best Practices

QML can help to create modern UIs across different platforms with ease.

There are some DO and DONTS that help to avoid them.