A contribution to Qt5.6: Qt NFC support for Android
written by Peter Rustler // 10. August 2015

In Qt 5.4 NFC support is restricted to Blackberry 10. After working on basic desktop support for Qt 5.5 through neard, basysKom decided to kick off NFC support for Android as well. After two months of work, basysKom has committed Android NFC support to a Qt development branch, based on previous work by Juhana Jauhiainen […]

Introducing QtOpcUa
written by Frank Meerkötter // 1. Oktober 2015

basysKom has been working on the new Qt module QtOpcUa which brings support for the industrial communication standard OPC UA into the Qt world. We recently have offered this module as a contribution to the Qt-project. It is currently under review, we aim to make it a tech preview in Qt 5.7. basysKom will show […]

Storage of QML defined properties explained (Part 1)
written by Frank Meerkötter // 19. Oktober 2015

It all started with a simple question: How much does a property you define in QML code cost in terms of memory?  This led me down a merry chase into the source of the QML engine. The result is this article and in the end a contribution to Qt5.6. Before we get started, let’s do […]

QtWS15: A deep dive into QML memory management internals
written by Frank Meerkötter // 26. Oktober 2015

If you missed our session “A deep dive into QML memory management internals” during the QtWS15 you can now watch a recording here or have a look at the slides. Enjoy!

Qt Lite
written by Frank Meerkötter // 29. Mai 2017

Qt Lite is an initiative driven by The Qt Company striving for smaller and leaner Qt builds. It utilizes the new configuration system introduced with Qt 5.8 to create custom builds stripped of features or classes that aren’t needed for a given application. Focus is mostly on Embedded Linux with the goal of making Qt a feasible option […]

QtWs17: Practical Qt Lite
written by Frank Meerkötter // 2. November 2017

The Qt World Summit recordings 2017 are online. basysKom presented “Practical Qt Lite”. Qt Lite is a project within Qt geared towards optimizing Qt for smaller devices. One important feature of the overall Qt Lite story is the ability to create size optimized, application specific builds of Qt. These require less flash, less RAM and […]

Want to give Qt OpcUa a try?
written by Frank Meerkötter // 16. Januar 2018

Update 02.03.2018: the steps outlined below have become outdated.Please see here for up to date build steps. basysKom has initiated Qt OpcUa which is a module offering support for the industrial communication standard OPC UA. This module has been contributed by us to the Qt Project. The Qt OpcUa API wraps existing OPC UA implementations. Currently, implementations for freeopcua […]

OPC UA support in Qt 5.11 Release
written by Frank Meerkötter // 28. Februar 2018

OPC UA is a central element of the Industry 4.0 story providing seamless communication between IT and industrial production systems. basysKom has initiated Qt OPC UA in 2015 with the goal of providing an out of the box Qt API for OPC UA. In 2017 basysKom, together with The Qt Company, has finished up a […]

Building Qt OPC UA with open62541
written by Frank Meerkötter // 2. März 2018

Qt OPC UA is not included in the Qt installer and must be built from source. The open62541 backend is currently the most stable and feature complete open source backend in Qt OPC UA. The open62541 library has minimal external dependencies and can be built for all supported platforms (Linux, Windows (MinGW32, MSVC 2017), Android, macOS […]

Great Improvements to the Qt Creator “New Project Wizard”
written by Daniel Engelke // 29. März 2018

People who use Qt for many different projects on many different platforms have a lot of kits configured in their Qt Creator. For those people the “New Project Wizard” contains an annoyance. Picking the right kit from a list of twenty-something possible kits means quite a bit of searching. But no more! For the newly […]