Building Qt OPC UA with open62541
written by Frank Meerkötter // 2. März 2018

Qt OPC UA is not included in the Qt installer and must be built from source. The open62541 backend is currently the most stable and feature complete open source backend in Qt OPC UA. The open62541 library has minimal external dependencies and can be built for all supported platforms (Linux, Windows (MinGW32, MSVC 2017), Android, macOS […]

Initial support for servers with historical data access in open62541
written by Peter Rustler // 15. Februar 2019

An OPC UA server supporting historical access allows clients to access historical data or historical events. Such a server can act as a process or event historian. open62541-based servers were till recently completely missing the ability to support these use cases. basysKom has extended the server API to support access to historical data using the […]