Want to give Qt OpcUa a try?
written by Frank Meerkötter // 16. Januar 2018

Update 02.03.2018: the steps outlined below have become outdated.Please see here for up to date build steps. basysKom has initiated Qt OpcUa which is a module offering support for the industrial communication standard OPC UA. This module has been contributed by us to the Qt Project. The Qt OpcUa API wraps existing OPC UA implementations. Currently, implementations for freeopcua […]

OPC UA support in Qt 5.11 Release
written by Frank Meerkötter // 28. Februar 2018

OPC UA is a central element of the Industry 4.0 story providing seamless communication between IT and industrial production systems. basysKom has initiated Qt OPC UA in 2015 with the goal of providing an out of the box Qt API for OPC UA. In 2017 basysKom, together with The Qt Company, has finished up a […]

Building Qt OPC UA with open62541
written by Frank Meerkötter // 2. März 2018

Qt OPC UA is not included in the Qt installer and must be built from source. The open62541 backend is currently the most stable and feature complete open source backend in Qt OPC UA. The open62541 library has minimal external dependencies and can be built for all supported platforms (Linux, Windows (MinGW32, MSVC 2017), Android, macOS […]

Qt OPC UA – Ein Tutorial
written by Frank Meerkötter // 8. Mai 2018

Getrieben durch Themen wie Industrie 4.0 und IoT hat sich OPC UA als durchgängiger Kommunikationsstandard im Maschinenbau und in der Industrieautomatisierung etabliert. Mit Qt steht eine offene und flexible Umgebung zur Umsetzung anspruchsvoller HMIs zur Verfügung. Das neue von uns entwickelte Modul Qt OPC UA vereinfacht nun die Integration von Maschinen und Qt-Anwendungen weiter. In […]

Secure Connections with Qt OPC UA
written by Jannis Völker // 14. Mai 2019

Starting with the Qt 5.13 release, due end of May, the Qt OPC UA API in combination with the Unified Automation backend officially supports secure connections to servers (Sign or SignAndEncrypt message security mode). The following article outlines the changes to the Qt OPC UA API and shows how to get secure connections also with […]