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Review: basysKom at Embedded World 2019

Also this year basysKom was represented at the Embedded World and the accompanying specialist conference, which took place from February 26th to 28th in the halls of the Nürnberg Messe.

Review: basysKom at Embedded World 2019 1 basysKom, HMI Dienstleistung, Qt, Cloud, Azure

In its 17th year, the leading international exhibition presented the entire range of embedded systems with a large number of exhibitors and recorded numerous trade visitors. The number of exhibitors and visitors reached record levels.

Trend topics this year: AI, Safety and Security, as well as HMI, M2M, Open Source, Edge and Cloud Computing.

At our booth interested people were able to use our new showcase to get informed about current developments in HMI industrial production and to have stimulating discussions with our experts.

A particular highlight was the voice control integrated in the showcase, which optimizes the automation of the production line through a hands-free workflow. In the area of cloud computing, we offered our visitors a remote monitoring application. It was built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology and Angular web application framework.

basysKom also take part in the accompanying conference with two lectures. We informed our audience about the creation of embedded computer vision applications with Qt and about application development with the open source implementation open62541 according to the OPC UA standard.

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Romina Maurischat

Romina Maurischat

Romina Maurischat is Management Assistant at basysKom GmbH in Darmstadt. She started at basysKom 2018 as a student assistant. Now her fields of work are marketing and sales. She holds university degrees in media studies and film culture from the universities of Frankfurt and Paderborn. Also she has a background as a Technical Draftsperson, specialized in machine and plant engineering.

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Jeremias Bosch
Speedup your Qt/QML list scrolling on lowend devices

Something that has traditionally been complicated to achieve in Qt/QML, especially on low end hardware, is high performant list scrolling with complex delegates.
This has recently changed. In Qt 5.15, it is as simple as setting the new QML ListView property called reuseItems to true. For more details, have a look at the documentation.
In this blog post, I will explain how you can implement this feature in Qt Versions prior to 5.15.

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Python Qt
Sumedha Widyadharma
Using Shiboken2 to create Python bindings for a Qt library

With the release of Qt 5.12, Qt for Python is officially supported and can be used to write full-fledged Qt applications using Python as the main programming language.

This prompted us to also take a closer look at the bindings (the Python module is called PySide2) and also the underlying technology, namely the binding generator called Shiboken2.

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