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smarte produkte
Digitale Transformation
Torsten Rahn

Customer-oriented ideas for smart products

For the development of a successful smart product it is important to systematically analyse the benefit and thus also the value of the planned product for the customer.

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Blog 1
Peter Rustler

A contribution to Qt5.6: Qt NFC support for Android

In Qt 5.4 NFC support is restricted to Blackberry 10. After working on basic desktop support for Qt 5.5 through neard, basysKom decided to kick off NFC support for Android as well. After two months of work, basysKom has committed Android NFC support to a Qt development branch, based on previous work by Juhana Jauhiainen

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Blog 2
Sumedha Widyadharma

QtDevDays 2014 videos

Since the lightning talks, presented at the QtDevDays2014 have been released recently, we would  like to provide the videos of the basysKom talks:   Slides: qtdd2014_qt5_on_a_microcontroller Slides: qtdd2014_lightning_qmlrequire

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