ARCHOS G9 tablets used to test Plasma Active


Plasma Active infuses a tablet with the all-new, touch-based Activities user experience.
Today, Plasma Active and Mer development hit a major milestone as the open source software was parried with an ARCHOS G9 tablet.
Plasma Active is the innovative technology for a smarter user experience to run on future devices and platforms. The touchscreen interface is more than just an application launcher. As soon as the device is turned on, rather than the traditional grid of applications, you see the Activities view showing your current project, task or idea. With Activities, you can collect all of the documents, people, web sites, media and widgets related to a topic in one place, building personalized and interactive views of your life. Plasma Active is based on Qt and KDE technology, enabling efficient development of touchscreen user experiences.
This project was co-founded by Eva Brucherseifer, managing director of basysKom GmbH, and is providing the Linux platform and system integration for Plasma Active to run on.
Continuing to support Plasma Active, basysKom, is contributing UX design, development and system integration.
The ARCHOS G9 tablets are the most versatile tool for consumers who seek a connected life. The ARCHOS G9 range is optimized to deliver great user experiences and offers a full web experience for on-the-go web browsing, communication and applications. The ARCHOS G9 tablets feature Texas Instruments ARM Cortex™ A9 based OMAP™ 4 smart multi-core processors as well as GPS, Wifi and a patented solution that lets the consumer add a standard PC 3G stick to their tablet whenever and wherever. The ARCHOS tablets are very interesting for every day use as well as a very affordable development target.
ARCHOS provided devices as well as technical support so that the basysKom team was able to get Mer and Plasma Active up and running on the G9 devices. The new successful port enriches again the variety of devices on which Plasma Active is currently running.
The project team is currently in the process of stabilizing, rendering and optimizing the images and is planning to make them available for wider testing soon. The ARCHOS™ GPL sources are already available online at
A demo of an ARCHOS G9 tablet running Plasma Active will be shown by basysKom at Qt DevDays in San Francisco from November 29th – December 1st. Stop by the booth to experience Plasma Active on the new ARCHOS G9.

Application Launcher
Application Launcher
Apps running on Archos
Apps running on Archos

basysKom delivers Peregrine version 1.1


basysKom delivers peregrine version 1.1, the best and most stable release of our open source instant messenger so far.

peregrine is a free third party application you can download from the Nokia Ovi Store. It is highly flexible through its modular independent components. peregrine components can be used as separate widgets like the Contact widget, Text Chat or VoIP. These embedabble UI widgets offer a QML touch interface that can be adapted to your individual needs for example as support feature for other apps, and also integrate into your platforms Look&Feel.

Based on the great feedback from our users about 1.0, the new version of peregrine 1.1 comes with enhanced stabilization and better usage flow. It adds to the already existing release a lot of improvements:
– Due to the optimization of the contact list models, we achieved notable performance improvements.
– We invested heavily in bugfixes to ensure more stabilization.
– The new version comes with a new feature, a demo tour, which enriches the first start experience and gives useful tips.
– Another new feature is the convenient setting of a new online status directly in peregrine.
– We optimized the overall look & feel and UI to ensure a seamless and flowing user experience.

You can download the newest version of peregrine for your N9 in the OVI store:

Contact List
Set Online Status
Conversations Overview
Demo Tour


basysKom presents Plasma Active on Tegra 2


In a cooperative effort the MER team and the basysKom integrators have succeeded in booting a Plasma Active image on an NVidia Tegra 2 device, opening to the door to bring Plasma Active to a wider choice of hardware. The image is based on Mer, a successor to the MeeGo operating system.

The Plasma Active, Mer and basysKom teams have been working together on this new hardware platform, headed by Martin Brook (vgrade on IRC) and succeeded last weekend to boot a non-optimized version of Plasma Active on two devices powered by NVidia’s Tegra 2 (one TAB-TEG-10-1-4GB-3G and one Advent Vega). Tegra 2 is a powerful platform for mobile hardware, featuring a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and Ultra Low Power (ULP) GeForce GPU with 4 pixel shaders + 4 vertex shaders. The powerful, yet energy-efficient graphics make it very interesting hardware to run Plasma Active on top of.

Brook mentions, that bow there is initial success running on a Tegra 2 device, he hopes the team will be able to get his hands on a Tegra 3 device, which will soon hit the markets. Tegra 3 (code name: “Kal El”) comes with a quad-core CPU and a low power companion CPU that can be used to “run” the device in standby, and prolong the life of the battery.

The team is stabilizing, fixing up and optimizing the Tegra 2 images now, and is planning to make them available for wider testing soon. A demo of a Tegra 2 device running Plasma Active is shown by basysKom at Qt DevDays in Munich from 24th-26th of Oktober, please drop by the booth to see the showcase.

Plasma Active One released


Innovative Technology for a Smarter User Experience

Darmstadt, Germany, 9th October, 2011: basysKom announces Plasma Active One, the innovative technology for a smarter user experience that works cross-device with a large variety of usage scenarios and device types. The project Plasma Active and its development was initiated and is mainly maintained by basysKom GmbH. Enabling new usecases for next generation devices…

More information at

Launch of QML based Home Control Demo

smarthome_shotLeading the momentum that the launch of Qt Quick (Qt User Interface Creation Kit) has created, basysKom and Nokia Qt Software have teamed up in order to provide several QML based demo applications to the Qt development community. QML is an exciting and lightweight new technology to develop fresh and intuitive, touch enabled UIs efficiently and without the need to learn C++ or Qt. The home control demo application shows the beauty yet simplicity of the QML concept and provides the interested UI developer a template and starting point for his own UI project. The Qt Quick Home Control Demo is part of Qt Quick, which has been officially released with Qt 4.7.2 The source code and documentation can be downloaded from gitorious.
basysKom is a German based Qt certified service provider for the development of MeeGo© solutions, embedded platforms, frameworks and Qt applications. Tailored development services deliver quality Qt applications and solutions, innovative user interface/HMI design, touch-screen user experience and widget development to basysKom’s customers.

Contour Open Source project

basysKom announces Contour, a new usage paradigm for digital devices based on adaptive activities and recommendations
Contour will contribute a new usage paradigm using adaptive activities and intelligent recommendations. The aim is to create a context-sensitive user interface that adapts to current context, current activities and behavioral patterns of the user. The overall goal is to create a data-centric user interface which is not concerned with applications but rather offers intelligently combined data through a context-sensitive recommendation manager.
Contour is part of Plasma Active, the new user experience for all kind of devices like Tablets, Smartphones, in-car or Set Top Boxes. Plasma Active uses existing free desktop technology and brings it to a spectrum of devices through a desirable and innovative user interface.
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