Using Shiboken2 to create Python bindings for a Qt library
written by Sumedha Widyadharma // 18. Januar 2019

With the release of Qt 5.12, Qt for Python is officially supported and can be used to write full-fledged Qt applications using Python as the main programming language ( This prompted us to also take a closer look at the bindings (the Python module is called PySide2) and also the underlying technology, namely the binding […]

Secure Connections with Qt OPC UA
written by Jannis Völker // 14. Mai 2019

Starting with the Qt 5.13 release, due end of May, the Qt OPC UA API in combination with the Unified Automation backend officially supports secure connections to servers (Sign or SignAndEncrypt message security mode). The following article outlines the changes to the Qt OPC UA API and shows how to get secure connections also with […]

Awesome :-) The basysKom Toolbox
written by Jeremias Bosch // 25. Februar 2020

We would like to introduce our basysKom Toolbox to you. It is a state-of-the-art collection of best practices in agile management and software development and a valuable tool for every kickoff meeting.

Come and visit us on the Embedded World 2020 and take your own copy of the printed card deck with you!