Awesome :-) The basysKom Toolbox
written by Jeremias Bosch // 25. Februar 2020

We would like to introduce our basysKom Toolbox to you. It is a state-of-the-art collection of best practices in agile management and software development and a valuable tool for every kickoff meeting.

Come and visit us on the Embedded World 2020 and take your own copy of the printed card deck with you!

The digital transformation and smart products
written by Torsten Rahn // 26. Februar 2020

Digital transformation and smart products: The world around us is getting smarter and smarter and the Internet of Things continues to make its way into work and everyday life. And so there is hardly a product in the meantime where a technology-oriented person does not ask himself: “Is there an app for this? Smart products […]

Customer-oriented ideas for smart products
written by Torsten Rahn // 10. März 2020

For the development of a successful smart product it is important to systematically analyse the benefit and thus also the value of the planned product for the customer.