18 – Agile – Retrospective

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A retrospective implements a continuous improvement process in your organization


Improve your organization


A continuous improvement process can be implemented by introducing a bi-weekly retrospective. This meeting requires moderation to stay blameless, open and focused on improvements. The reason to implement a retrospective is that the team wants to reflect its teamwork in order to improve its way of working. You place this meeting after the sprint review and before the next sprint planning. The timeframe of a retrospecitve is usually the last sprint. Indentified topics can be taken as actions into the next sprint, i.e. by adjusting the definition of done (or ready) or adding topics to the sprint backlog.

There are serveral technics and concepts that can be applied to moderate such a meeting. One good point to get ideas how a retrospective can be hold is the website Retromat

Such a retrospective is not only about projects, but can be used in every part of our process and organisation in order to reflect and improve your way of working.


Agile Projects and more



Implementation effort

Roughly one Team-Hour every sprint


Whenever a team wants to improve their way of working


Sometimes it is complicated to break up known structures and workflows, it requires commitment by everyone.

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