16 – Agile – Definition of Ready

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A Definition of Ready defines when a story is ready to get estimated


Ensure that a working task is understood by your team


A Definition Of Ready contains all requirements that a product owner (who writes the story) needs to fulfill, so that the team says

"Yep, now we got it."

A Definition of Ready describes when a Story is Ready for a sprint.

Usually a definition of ready answers the why, the what and finally the how.

  • Is the goal of the story clear enough?
  • Is the value for the project clear?
  • Is the expected result understood?
  • Are the acceptance criteria for the story clear?

Once the product owner has written a story that can answer those questions, the team can answer these:

  • Is the story small enough the get done in one sprint?
  • The team knows how the story can be implemented!
  • The story is estimated!

In other words, a Definition of Ready describes what need to be fulfilled by a story so that this story is Clear, Testable, Implementable.


Agile and Non-Agile Projects



Implementation effort



Every Project, no matter if agile or not, if running or not


Requires feedback and close communication between team and product owner

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