11 – Treat compiler warnings as errors

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Treat compiler warnings as errors


Prevent problematic code from silently "creeping" in.


Modern C and C++ compilers are quite good at generating warnings for problematic issues. By default a warning will not stop the compiler from generating code. Consider to treat compiler warnings as errors to prevent issues from creeping into your code base.


C, C++, Qt



Implementation effort

Minor, given that your project is already compiling without warnings.


All projects with a clearly defined target toolchain.


  • Treating warnings as errors can be a considerable headache if there is a large range of toolchains/platforms to support as warnings generated might change over time.
  • Do not enable "warning as errors" for releases that are consumed by an undefined and wide-ranging user base (for example when releasing software with-in your organization, to customers or as open source).

See also

Implementation hints

  • gcc/clang: -WError
  • Visual Studio: /WX switch or „Treat Warnings as Errors“ in project properties
  • Newer compiler versions tend to emit more warnings. The same compiler targeting a different platform might generate slightly different warnings. Make sure there is a central build flag as an escape hatch. Have a CI system in place to enforce "warnings as errors" for your officially supported toolchain(s).

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