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basysKom at Merck-Run 2019

On May 29, our running enthusiastic staff took part in this year’s
8th Darmstadt Merck company run. For them it meant: five kilometers around the „Messplatz“. 

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With the best running temperatures and sunshine, the highly motivated basysKom team started running together with over 5700 other athletes – more participants than ever before. There was, of course, active support from colleagues who cheered enthusiastically. After the successful run we went in the best of moods to the biergarten to review the experience again with a good meal and a cool drink to end the evening comfortably.

We congratulate our colleagues on their successful races and their positions! We are looking forward to next year!


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IoT Cloud
Heike Ziegler
IoT: Getting started with cloud and modern IoT and IIoT from scratch

IoT and IIoT applications are special compared to other kinds of cloud applications as they have to deal with devices existing “outside” of data centers.

The following series of articles provide an end-to-end overview of what Microsoft Azure offers to handle some of the challenges involved in connecting an IoT Device with the Cloud.

By working through this series you will learn about the major concepts involved in getting your IoT/IIoT device connected to Microsoft Azure. In our examples we will feature Qt, Node.Js, Protobuf from Google and much more to get you started.

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