Celebrating 10 years of basysKom


For 10 years basysKom has been delivering software engineering services in the embedded industry. We are proud of having successfully delivered numerous projects. Qt and Linux still are very important technologies in the market, new technologies and platforms like the web, other OSes and programming languages have gained experience. We are looking forward to the next 10 years of challenges!

Ported to Qt5: Embedded Widgets & Smart Home Control demos

screenshot_thermometer_thumbThe well-known Qt demos “Embedded Widgets”, “Patient Care” and “Smart Home Control” originally have been implemented by basyskom developers. The demos show how to implement human machine interfaces for industry use cases, targeted for touch screen devices.

Now we ported the demos to Qt5 and gave them a general clean-up to recent development standards. They are available for download at http://share.basyskom.com/demos/patientcare_src.tar.gz and http://share.basyskom.com/demos/smarthome_src.tar.gz

Qt DevDays 2012 – Berlin + California

qtdeveloperdays2012_thumbbasysKom sponsors the Qt DevDays 2012, the conference where the Qt developers meet, exchange and learn.
This is the 9th Qt DevDays event and basysKom is proud to sponsor this event just like the 8 events before.

This year basysKom will show the well-known Embedded Widgets and Patient Care demos, ported to Qt5. Also a new multitouch demonstration with a focus oni industry use cases will be available at the event in Berlin. At both events basysKom will give a presentation on how to access middleware from Qt, QML and HTML5.