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Mit OpenCV und Qt Quick trifft Computer Vision auf moderne HMI-Entwicklung


Ob beim automatischen Sortieren von Briefen, beim Erkennen von Materialfehlern in der Produktion oder bei der Vermessung: überall dort, wo Maschinen ihre Umwelt erkennen müssen, kommt Computer Vision zum Einsatz.

OpenCV ist ein populäres Open Source Framework, das eine große Anzahl an Algorithmen für die Bilderkennung zur Verfügung stellt. Eine Bibliothek zur Umsetzung prototypischer HMIs mit Fokus auf Parametereinstellung ist vorhanden, für anspruchsvollere Aufgaben sollte OpenCV jedoch mit einem HMI-Framework integriert werden.

In einem aktuellen Artikel in der Design&Elektronik geben unsere Software Entwickler Berthold Krevert und Torsten Rahn einen Überblick, welche Themen bei der Integration von Open CV und Qt Quick zu beachten sind.

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IoT Cloud
Heike Ziegler
IoT: Getting started with cloud and modern IoT and IIoT from scratch

IoT and IIoT applications are special compared to other kinds of cloud applications as they have to deal with devices existing “outside” of data centers.

The following series of articles provide an end-to-end overview of what Microsoft Azure offers to handle some of the challenges involved in connecting an IoT Device with the Cloud.

By working through this series you will learn about the major concepts involved in getting your IoT/IIoT device connected to Microsoft Azure. In our examples we will feature Qt, Node.Js, Protobuf from Google and much more to get you started.

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Frank Meerkötter
Qt OPC UA updates

The Qt OPC UA module has been ported to CMake and will be part of Qt 6 right from the first release.
In addition to numerous bug fixes and improved test coverage, the open62541 plugin has been updated to open62541 v1.1 and uses OpenSSL for security support, thus removing the dependency on mbedTLS.

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Jeremias Bosch
Speedup your Qt/QML list scrolling on lowend devices

Something that has traditionally been complicated to achieve in Qt/QML, especially on low end hardware, is high performant list scrolling with complex delegates.
This has recently changed. In Qt 5.15, it is as simple as setting the new QML ListView property called reuseItems to true. For more details, have a look at the documentation.
In this blog post, I will explain how you can implement this feature in Qt Versions prior to 5.15.

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