Ported to Qt5: Embedded Widgets & Smart Home Control demos

screenshot_thermometer_thumbThe well-known Qt demos “Embedded Widgets”, “Patient Care” and “Smart Home Control” originally have been implemented by basyskom developers. The demos show how to implement human machine interfaces for industry use cases, targeted for touch screen devices.

Now we ported the demos to Qt5 and gave them a general clean-up to recent development standards. They are available for download at http://share.basyskom.com/demos/patientcare_src.tar.gz and http://share.basyskom.com/demos/smarthome_src.tar.gz

Qt DevDays 2012 – Berlin + California

qtdeveloperdays2012_thumbbasysKom sponsors the Qt DevDays 2012, the conference where the Qt developers meet, exchange and learn.
This is the 9th Qt DevDays event and basysKom is proud to sponsor this event just like the 8 events before.

This year basysKom will show the well-known Embedded Widgets and Patient Care demos, ported to Qt5. Also a new multitouch demonstration with a focus oni industry use cases will be available at the event in Berlin. At both events basysKom will give a presentation on how to access middleware from Qt, QML and HTML5.


Installation images for Plasma Active 3 available

basysKom has created updated images for the Plasma Active 3 release and all development hardware. Those are the Archos Gen9 devices and the WeTab. Installation Images are available for download from the Download Center.



About Plasma Active and the Images

Plasma Active allows OEMs to create innovative products based on an up-to-date platform within a growing ecosystem. It is the open and secure technology stack for a smarter user experience to run on future devices and platforms. A user experience engine is the core of Plasma Active and allows to implement custom user interfaces. It can run custom applications only or run a big variety of open source touch applications as well as integrate an app store. The pre-configured default user experience includes an innovative activity based touch concept for tablets.
basysKom has chosen Mer© as reference platforms to showcase Plasma Active on Archos G9 and provides test images. Plasma Active runs on standard Linux stacks, including Linux Kernel, Qt/QML, WebKit/HTML5 and KDE’s Plasma Framework. It uses existing free Linux technology and brings it to a spectrum of devices.
Plasma Active is an open source project. It was co-founded by Eva Brucherseifer, managing director of basysKom GmbH, and is providing the Linux platform and system integration for Plasma Active to run on.
Professional Services for SDE and Plasma Active

basysKom is offering consultancy, customization and productization services for Android, WebKit and Plasma Active. This includes development of custom applications and solutions for Archos devices.

About basysKom

basysKom is service provider for outsourced R&D for Embedded Linux Systems based on Android, WebKit or Qt. We provide the services and competencies as well as ready building blocks and consulting to create new innovative platforms, enriched with M2M and cloud services. Our experience in working with large scale international entities and heterogeneous teams make basysKom a specialist in removing product development roadblocks and building leading innovative systems. basysKom combines German Engineering and innovation with professionally made open source and a long history in working with both upstream communities and fully closed projects. basysKom has offices in Darmstadt and Nuremberg, Germany. Website: www.basyskom.com