basysKom presents Plasma Active on Tegra 2


In a cooperative effort the MER team and the basysKom integrators have succeeded in booting a Plasma Active image on an NVidia Tegra 2 device, opening to the door to bring Plasma Active to a wider choice of hardware. The image is based on Mer, a successor to the MeeGo operating system.

The Plasma Active, Mer and basysKom teams have been working together on this new hardware platform, headed by Martin Brook (vgrade on IRC) and succeeded last weekend to boot a non-optimized version of Plasma Active on two devices powered by NVidia’s Tegra 2 (one TAB-TEG-10-1-4GB-3G and one Advent Vega). Tegra 2 is a powerful platform for mobile hardware, featuring a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and Ultra Low Power (ULP) GeForce GPU with 4 pixel shaders + 4 vertex shaders. The powerful, yet energy-efficient graphics make it very interesting hardware to run Plasma Active on top of.

Brook mentions, that bow there is initial success running on a Tegra 2 device, he hopes the team will be able to get his hands on a Tegra 3 device, which will soon hit the markets. Tegra 3 (code name: “Kal El”) comes with a quad-core CPU and a low power companion CPU that can be used to “run” the device in standby, and prolong the life of the battery.

The team is stabilizing, fixing up and optimizing the Tegra 2 images now, and is planning to make them available for wider testing soon. A demo of a Tegra 2 device running Plasma Active is shown by basysKom at Qt DevDays in Munich from 24th-26th of Oktober, please drop by the booth to see the showcase.