basysKom delivers Peregrine version 1.1


basysKom delivers peregrine version 1.1, the best and most stable release of our open source instant messenger so far.

peregrine is a free third party application you can download from the Nokia Ovi Store. It is highly flexible through its modular independent components. peregrine components can be used as separate widgets like the Contact widget, Text Chat or VoIP. These embedabble UI widgets offer a QML touch interface that can be adapted to your individual needs for example as support feature for other apps, and also integrate into your platforms Look&Feel.

Based on the great feedback from our users about 1.0, the new version of peregrine 1.1 comes with enhanced stabilization and better usage flow. It adds to the already existing release a lot of improvements:
– Due to the optimization of the contact list models, we achieved notable performance improvements.
– We invested heavily in bugfixes to ensure more stabilization.
– The new version comes with a new feature, a demo tour, which enriches the first start experience and gives useful tips.
– Another new feature is the convenient setting of a new online status directly in peregrine.
– We optimized the overall look & feel and UI to ensure a seamless and flowing user experience.

You can download the newest version of peregrine for your N9 in the OVI store:

Contact List
Set Online Status
Conversations Overview
Demo Tour