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Qt Tipps and Tricks by basysKom

Hello, RHI – How to get started with Qt RHI

For some time now, Qt has been internally utilizing RHI (Rendering Hardware Interface), a new cross-platform technology for graphic rendering. Since Qt 6.6, this API has been semi-public, meaning that the API is mature for practical use but may still be subject to potential changes between major Qt versions.

In this blog post, we demonstrate how to to get started with RHI.

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RiveQtQuickPlugin now with Text Support

The RiveQtQuickPlugin has now integrated the latest rivecpp version. We’ve implemented rendering support for rive text elements. We ensured seamless text rendering compatibility across both software and hardware-backed renderers. Explore our latest blog post for a demonstration video and to learn about more rendering enhancements.

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Embed Rive in your QtQuick applications

Learn how to use Rive within Qt and Qt Quick.

Rive is a tool (and file format) that enables you to create interactive vector animations. With the RiveQtQuickPlugin, you can effortlessly load and display Rive animations within your QtQuick projects.

In this article, we will demonstrate how to embed Rive files, use different rendering backends, load artboards and trigger animations.

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OPC UA open62541

Qt OPC UA – Data Type Code Generation

The type system of OPC UA permits the creation of complex and nested data types. With the merge of the generic struct decoding and encoding feature, the Qt OPC UA module has greatly improved the comfort of handling such types. But for large projects with lots of custom data types, its QVariant based interface might still feel a bit too complicated.

What if we could have C++ data classes for custom types that feel and handle like QOpcUaQualifiedName or QOpcUaEuInformation in Qt OPC UA?

We’ve had the same thought and decided to implement a code generator for Qt OPC UA that takes OPC UA .bsd files as input and generates C++ data classes and an encoder/decoder class based on QOpcUaBinaryDataEncoding.

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